Prayers for All Occasions

Daily Prayer Cycle of the Hours

Introductory Prayers
Prayers to be said at the beginning of each time you come to your place of prayer. Includes the Prayer to the Holy Spirit, Trisagion prayer, prayer to the Holy Spirit and the Lord's Prayer to our Father.

Rule of prayer for morning an Evening prayers
Traditional prayers said in the morning and evening for use in prayer at home.

Mealtime Prayers
Prayers to be said before and after each meal.

Morning and Evening Prayers

Morning Psalms

Evening Psalms

Family Prayers

Communion Prayers
Includes prayers for the evening before, morning of, and immediately before and after taking Holy Communion.

Hourly Prayers by Saint John Chrysostom

Paschal Hours - for time between Pascha and Pentecost

The Creed

Lenten Prayer of Saint Ephraim

Reading the Psalms