Science of Orthodox Spirituality


No, I did not make a mistake and type "of" instead of "and" in the above title for this series.  While we will discuss the difference between science and spirituality, the main theme is the Orthodox Way of Life or the science of Orthodox spirituality. This is a new series that I prepared during the summer based on questions that many have been asking.
We will discuss the synergy that exists between Science and Orthodox spirituality. We will cover the popular issues of science such as the Big Bang theory, Evolution, cloning and others, but we will also discuss the way our Church Fathers, the Prophets and Apostles came to have knowledge about God and His kingdom. We will discuss what they teach as the science of spirituality that can enable each of us to see God as they were able to experience Him. This series of discussions should help expand appreciation for the wonders that science has been revealed to us in modern times, and the knowledge of foundational Church doctrine.  In addition it will provide practical guidance for your personal life to aid you in your spiritual journey to come closer to God based on the teachings of our Church Fathers. 


Presentation slides in pdf format and Audio

1. Spiritual Scientists and their method.     Slides             Video

2. The Christ Event - Climax of Creation     Slides             Video

3. Creation - Genesis                                  Slides             Video

4. Genesis & Science                                   Slides                      Video

        Videos in presentation     Albert Einstein's Time Machine            Big Bang

5. Formation of Mankind - Evolution            Slides                      Video

6. Fall of Man and Salvation                        Slides                      Video

7. Othodox Way of Life: Theosis & Passions Slides                    Video

8. Prayer and Fasting                                  Slides        



Evolution, Creation and the Hidden Cause - Fr. Stephen Freeman

Orthodoxy is Not an Ethical System - Fr. Romanides

Resurrected Bodies - St Symeon

Confession of Faith - St. Greogry Palamas


Orthodox Way of Life - Catechism Manual